Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

This is certainly one of the most discussed topic now a days.

Before I present some of my insight into this wonderful topic , I would like to ask some questions guys (Do Post your answers / view into the comment box ) :

  1. Is artificial intelligence is powerful than human intelligence?
  2. Is there a negative impact of this technology into human intelligence and human work efficiency?
  3. Do you think in coming years the earth of people will become earth of robots?


Artificial Intelligence (Basic definition) : Area of Computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

Artificial Intelligence (In my view) : Vision of this technology is definitely to increase the work efficiency and performance by making the machines intelligent but by replacing the humans with machine. Mission of this technology seems to make a machine driven world.

I think we are heading towards the time where machines will soon work to make human intelligent.











Applications of Artificial Intelligence :

Here is a short list of PROS and CONS of AI :

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