Top Java Interview Questions With Detailed Answers

Here is the list of top Java Interview Questions with detailed answers for freshers and experienced candidates.

This is my personal experience of Interviews given by me on Java. Click on the questions for detailed answers.

What is HashCode and equals?

What is Singleton Design Pattern?

Why String class is immutable in java?

Why not to Use SimpleDateFormat class in multithreaded environment ?

Difference between ArrayList vs LinkedList

What is HashSet in Java

What is HashMap in Java ?

Difference between Comparable and Comparator

What is Thread in Java?

What is Synchronized keyword in Java

What is ConcurrentHashMap?

What is Callable And Future in Java

What is lambda expression and Functional Interface?

How to Create a Immutable Class ?

What are Lock API ?

What is Thread Pool in Java ? What is Executor Framework ?

Difference between final, finally and finalize.

Difference between throw and throws in java.

Explain Exceptional Handling in java.

Explain CountDownLatch in Java.

Explain CyclicBarrier in Java.

What are Volatile and Atomic Variables in java ?

What are Semaphore in java ?

The above list contains top Java Interview Questions with detailed answers as per my experience. If you want to add any question, Please share the same with us.

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