Chatbots and Its Types ?

In this article, we will learn aboutΒ Chatbots and Its Types :

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots is a software program, designed to be able to, have conversation with the human. These software programs’ ability to conversate with human provide more value to the end user. Chatbot can coversate either with text , voice or bothΒ  depending upon their designed pattern. Chatbot plays a very important role in today’s AI era to grow small or large businesses because of its advantage. Different types of Chatbots provide different type of advantages.

It provides 24×7 support to the end user making it much more convenient to the end user. They also collect data from their conversation which can be used to predict user behavior. The data collected by bots can be used to analyse user preferences etc.

Types of Chatbots…

There are six types of Chatbots depending upon their implementations:

A) Scripted/Quick Reply Chatbot:

These type of bots works on pre-defined questionnaire . End users are provided with pre-defined set of questions and chatbots have various answers programmed for these questions.

It takes lesser efforts for the Chatbot to answer the question as questions are already programmed in it. As a result, it makes faster interactions.

B) NLP Chatbot :

Chatbots works on the principal of Natural Language Processing. When user enter his / her question or response then the respective Chatbot parse the input by using NLP to get the intentions of question / response raised by end user.

These chatbot may have pre-defined questionnaire but not limited to. Here end user can enter its question and response in text or voice.

C)Β Service/Action Chatbot :

Service / Action chatbots can be used to provide some service like getting browser history, checking flight status and booking ticket etc. These chatbot asks for relevant data from the end user to provide service.

D) Social Messaging Chatbot :

As name suggests, these chatbots are used for social messaging in social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter etc. These chatbot conversate with user as their friends so people find very easy to interact with these bots.

E)Β Context Enabled Chatbot :

These chatbots are the most advanced conversational chatbots. They conversate with user as well as remembers the past conversations with each user to interact more effectively with the user. They uses the Machine learning and AI techniques to achieve it.Β Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are some examples for these Chatbots.

F)Β Voice Enabled Chatbot :

User can interact with these type of Chatbots using voice input and at the same time can get response in same format. These are created using Text-to-speech (TTS) and voice recognition APIs.Β  Having voice input enabled, it makes the Chatbot more interactive and effective.

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